Jennifer rogers

yoga and helathy eating tutor

26 years ago when trying out a yoga class to help manage my stress, Jenni became hooked at the first down dog and have practiced regularly since then.
After finally giving up full time charity CEO work some years ago she freed herself and made a big step change. She qualified as a yoga teacher in her late fifties and continued on to study for a Diploma in Yoga Therapy.
Now an experienced yoga teacher and yoga therapist she also offer life coaching and wellness mentoring and her life couldn’t be more different than it was.
She has continued to explore this magical life science by doing further training in yoga nidra and restorative yoga, yoga for anxiety and stress, yoga for athletes, accessible yoga, chair yoga, yoga for elders yoga for sleeplessness and much more.
Jenni now teaches groups and 1-1 sessions in South London, specialising in Yoga for Wellness. As well as open yoga classes she loves her specialist work with marginalised people and believes strongly that yoga can be adapted to anyone. The learner leads.
It’s never too late to start a yoga practice, never too late to go back to it if you are rusty, never too difficult to get started whatever your age or circumstances.
Instead of worrying about being inflexible or unfit, too big, too thin, too shy and all of that stuff – why not just try some mindful movement, some breathing, some balance and some deep relaxation and see what happens for you in your body, your mind and in your life.
These are friendly accessible sessions for all bodies and all types of humans. You’ve got nothing to lose and absolutely loads to gain – strength, mobility, peace; confidence, calmness, friends………

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